The Applied Sciences and Humanities Department has an Engineering Physics
laboratory, updated subsequently with latest equipment to fulfill the needs of engineering students. The following experiments are offered to the students per semester. For smooth progress of light experiments, this laboratory is provided with dark room facility.

Major Equipments:

• C.R. O. 20 MHz : Scientech make Modal : Caddo -801
• Function Generator 1MHz with 50MHz Frequency Counter : Scientech Model : Caddo 4060,
• Function Generator 10MHz with 40MHz Frequency Counter: Scientech Model: Caddo 4061.
• Power Supply: Scientech Model: ST -4073, 0.30Volts, 2AMP.
• Transistor Characteristics Trainer Model :NV-6502
• Hall Effect Experiment Model: NV-6101.
• E/M Measurement Setup Model: NV-6103
• Semi conductor Energy Band Gap Trainer Model: NV-6106.
• Screwdriver set.


(Major Equipments)

• Single purchase winch crab
• Double purchase winch crab
• Differential axil and wheel
• Worm and Worm Wheel
• Simple screw jack
• Inlcined Plan
• Law of polygon of forces
• Compound pendulum
• Jib crane
• Simple supported beam
• Coefficient of coil frictio


The Chemistry Lab. Practical has been introduced with a view to develop scientific attitude among the students. The topics (experiments) have been chosen to develop skill among the students so that they can measure, differentiate and analyze the best results. This will help them solve the engineering problems in their world of work.


Acetic Acid Ammonium Chloride Ammonium Oxalate Barium Chloride Benzene
Bromphenol Blue Calcium Chloride Copper Sulphate Diphenylamine EDTA Disodium Salt
Erichrome Black T Ferric Chloride Ferrous Ammonium Sulphate Filter Paper.
Fire Extinguisher Cap 5 kg Glycerine. Hydrochloric Acid Potassium Bicarbonate. Potassium Hydroxide Flakes.
Magnessium Chloride. Methyl Orange Powder. Phenolphthalene Powder. Potassium Carbonate. Potassium Oxalate.
Mangnese Sulphate. Organic Solution. Sodium Hydroxide AR Potassium chromate Potassium Permangnate.
Mercuric Chloride. Orthophosphoric Acid. Sodium Bicarbonate. Potassium Chloride. Silver Niatrate.
Methyl Orange solution Sodium Carbonate
sodium chloride Potassium Dichromate. Potassium Hydroxide Flakes.
sodium thiosulphate Stannous Chloride Starch Potato Sulphuric acid Urea


The objective of this lab is not only to provide a Hands-on Experience
to C programming, but also to expose the students to the latest tools of the
trade. This lab is based on modern operating systems like Linux/Windows.
The students should be exposed to word processor, spreadsheet software,
presentation software and web browser. Use of open source software like
Star Office, Open Office with open source OS like Linux/ Ubuntu/BOSS
should be encouraged.
It is expected that the candidate demonstrates adequate to high
skills with these tools and programming with C.
The sample list of programs is given below. This list can be used as
guideline for problem statements but the scope of the laboratory should
not be limited to the same. Aim of the list is to inform about minimum
expected outcomes.

1. Basic interface of a GUI based OS.
2. File handling using Text Editor/Word Processor.
3. Presentation using Presentation software.
4. Spreadsheet software usage.
4. Introduction to Internet and Web Browsing.
5. Programming in C: Minimum ten programs based on the above
syllabus. The programs should cover Functions, Control constructs,
Decision constructs, Arrays, Pointers, Structures Files and Commandline



Voltmeter Portable 0-100v
Resistance Load Bank Single Phase 3Kw Ammeter Portable 02.5-5Amp AC
Network Theorem I Digital Energy meter SinglePhase3-1/2 Volt meter Portable 0-300-600V AC
Network Theorem II Watt meter Single Phase 5-10Amp LPF 5/10Amp Ammeter Portable 2.5-5 Amp DC
Milliameter DC 0-100mA Watt meter Single Phase 5-10Amp OPR 5/10Amp Transformer Single Phase Air Cooled 1KVA
Kirchhoff’s Current & Voltage Law Kit Dimmer stat Single Phase Air Cooled 5Amp RLC Resonance Trainer
Decade Inductance Box 1uH- 10mH Dynamos Chart AC Voltmeter 0-300-600V
Rheostat 525Ohm,1mA Kirchhoff’s electrical Law Chart A.C Ammeter Portable 0-5/10Amp
Digital Multi Meter Effect of electric current Wattmeter Portable UPF
Digital Multi Meter Ohm:s Law Chart Digital 1999 counter with Big Display.