Academic Activities Year 2012-14

1. Faculty Participation in National/International Conference/Workshops/STTP/FDP (External Events)
Sr. No. Name of Faculty Title of Conference/Workshop/STTP/FDP Organized by Date of event
01 Dr.Smita D. Tarale 6th International Congress of Environmental Research, Aurangabad 6th International Congress of Environmental Research, Aurangabad 2013
02 Dr. C.B. Palan Proceeding on NCSANM 211-212 (2013). VMV Commerce JMT Arts and JJP Science College Nagpur 2013
03 Dr. C.B. Palan Proceeding on NCMS (2014). Kesharbhai Sonajirao Kshirsagar alisa kaku Arts Science and Commerce College Beed 2014
04 Dr. G.D. Thorat National Conference on Frontier Area in Chemistry (NCFAC-2013) And Workshop Mechanical and Research Methodology for Student Department Of Chemistry Shri Shivaji Science College Amravati 2013
2. Faculty Publications in National/International Journals
Sr.N Name of author(s) Title of paper Name of Journal Vol. /Issue No. Year of publication ISSN/ ISBN No.
01 Dr. G. D. Thorat Studies in Corrosion Performance of Iron in Presence of Variable Acidic Concentration Medium Journal of Applicable Chemistry 2013 ISSN: 2278-1862
02 Dr. Smita D. Tarale “Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Azetidinone Derivatives from 2 –α(phenylacetyl) Benzohydrazide Moiety by Microwave Method Der Pharma Chemica Vol. 6 (2) 2014 ISSN-0975-413X
03 Dr. Smita D. Tarale Synthesis, Characterization Of Some 2-Azetidinone Derivatives From 4- Nitro Ethyl Benzoate By Microwave Method And Evaluation Of Their Antimicrobial Activity” JIJPSR Vol. 05 (07) 2014 ISSN-0975-8232
04 Dr. Kedar.P. Pande Synthesis of 1-tetra-o-acetyl-β-D-galactopyranosyl-3-aryl carbamides as microbial growth inhibitors Der Chemica Sinica Vol 6 Issue 05 2014 ISSN 0976-8505
05 Dr. Kedar P. Pande Synthesis and Antimicrobial Evaluation of Some Novel Perbenzoylated n-Lactosyl-1,2,4-Thiadiazolidines (Hydrochloride American Journal of Pharmatech research 2014 ISSN: 2249-3387
06 Dr. Kedar P. Pande Synthesis and In-Vitro Biological Studies of 1-Hepta-O-Benzoyl-β- D-Lactosyl-3-Alkyl Carbamates Journal of Applicable Chemistry 2014 ISSN 2278-1862