Green Campus

Plastic Free Campus

Colleges can generate enormous amounts of plastic waste, which is toxic to people and the environment, and never goes away.
This initiative is aimed to measurably reduce plastic waste and pollution in our campus and the world around us. To achieve this, we have undertaken following steps

  • We have banned use of single-use plastics inside the college premises.
  • We carry out awareness drives and sensitisation workshops on the harmful impacts of single-use plastics.
  • Encourage all students to avoid bringing non-bio-degradable plastic items to the college.
  • We encourage students to sensitize their respective households about the harmful effects of plastics and make their households also ‘plastic- free’.

RO Water Plant

UV-RO Water plant is available within the campus for constant supply of safe drinking water

  • Purified water is supplied to all academic blocks, canteen and hostels.
  • Storage capacity: 2000 liters SS container
  • Filtration Capacity: 1000 liters/hr
  • Treatment: UV – RO treated oxidized

This Reverse Osmosis Plant caters to the drinking water needs of all the Students, Teachers, supporting Staff and the Visitors. The raw water with an average Total Dissolved Solids [TDS] of 800-1000 ppm is treated to reduce the TDSF content to less than 100 ppm the generally acceptable upper limit of the TDS.

Uninterrupted Power Supply

Our institute is well equipped with 24X7 power backup as we have dedicated Generator backup to ensure that students get uninterrupted power supply round the clock.

  • Classrooms
  • Library
  • Laboratories
  • Canteen
  • Seminar Halls

We acknowledge the hassles caused due to interrupted power backup system and hence to overcome this problem our institute has Generator backup (82 KVA ), 01 no. of 10 KVA UPS devoted to the computer labs and 05 nos . of 1 KVA UPS for the Principal and HoD Rooms.

We strive to provide our students with comfortable days at our college along with quality and secure stay. Our uninterrupted 24X7 power backup facility helps us keep our student safe and at ease.


Solar Power Plant

As part of Green Campus Initiatives to make MGICOET a sustainable and environmental friendly institution MGICOET has initially commissioned 10kWp rooftop off grid and fixed tilt solar power plant in the campus with the local support of students and staff of Electrical and Electronics Engineering department in the year 2012. With the experience gained from the 10kWp project, another 100 kWp grid tied seasonal tilt Solar Power plant was installed on 26 Jan 14 catering one third energy needs of the institute at that time. It is truly a significant milestone. The power generated during holidays, Sundays and also excess power during working days is fed into the National Grid. 110 kWp solar power plant generates 176398kWh units of electrical energy annually that is equivalent to reduction in 180 Tons of CO2 emission. A true green initiative by Electrical and Electronics Engineering department and by the college.



In our institution water is collected from the roofs of buildings and stored in rainwater tanks. The runoff from the terrace of the college building is channelised into the recharge wells All the rooftop rainwater outlets, discharge into storm water drains and then to the recharge structures. To facilitate groundwater recharge, all structures are provided with deep bore wells. Layer of bricks filled inside the recharge well ensures proper filtration of harvested water.