Academic Activities Year 2013-14

1. Faculty Participation in National/International Conference/Workshops/STTP/FDP (External Events)
Sr. No. Name of Faculty Title of Conference/Workshop/STTP/FDP Organized by Date of event
01 Prof. M. T. Ingle ICETTA YTIET, Mumbai 2013
02 Prof. N. M. Verulkar Teaching Aids & students understanding VB Kolte COE Malkapur 2013
03 Dr. C. M. Jadhao IJAECS GCOE, Jalgaon 2014
04 Prof. R. R. Ambalkar NCAC&M SDMP, Wardha 2014
05 Prof. R. R. Ambalkar "Orientation Program for Implementation of 'G' Scheme Padm.Dr.V.B.Kolte COE,Malkapur 7-9 Jan.2014
06 Prof. S. S. Mhaske Digital Image Processing and Hands on Training using MATLAB SSGMCE,Shegaon 24-28 March 2014
07 Prof. N. M. Verulkar Application of wavelet transform SSBT COET Jalgaon 2014
08 Prof. N.B. Bhawarkar Embedded System Designing Using ARM control PLITMS, Buldhana 2014
2. Faculty Publications in National/International Journals
Sr.N Name of author(s) Title of paper Name of Journal Vol. /Issue No. Year of publication ISSN/ ISBN No.
01 Dr. C. M. Jadhao Low Power VLSI CMOS design by DCG Technique International Journal of Emerging Trends in Electrical and Electronics (IJETEE) Vol. 5, Issue. 3 July-2013. 2320-9569
02 Dr. C. M. Jadhao Impact of Technology Scaling on Low Power VLSI CMOS Design International Journal of Advance Electronics & Communication System (IJAECS) Volume- 2, Issue-2 February, 2014, 2393-2835
03 Dr. C. M. Jadhao Algorithm for Low Power IO port Design by Using CGT International Journal of Innovative Research in Computer Science & Technology (IJIRCST), Volume-2, Issue-2, March 2014. 2347-5552
04 Manjusha Patil, Prof. Vasant N. Bhonge Parking Guidance and Information System using RFID and ZigBee International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology Volume 2 Issue 4 2013 2278 - 0181
05 Manjusha Patil, Prof. Vasant N. Bhonge Wireless Sensor Network and RFID for Smart Parking System International Journal of Emerging Technology and Advanced Engineering Volume 3,Issue 4 2013 2250–2459
06 Prof .N. B. Bhawarkar A Genetic Algorithm Applications For Multi-Objective Advanced Planning And Scheduling Problems - A Review IJECET Volume 4, Issue 6 2013 0976-6472
07 Prof. N. B. Bhawarkar Iterative Genetic Algorithm for Task Scheduling in Non-Flexible Manufacturing Process International Journal of Current Engineering and Technology Issue 2, Volume 4 2014 2277-4106
08 Prof. N. B. Bhawarkar ARM Based Electronic Notice Board through Zigbee with Room Lights Control using PIR Sensor International Journal of Current Engineering and Technology Volume4 Issue 2 2014 2347-5161 2014
09 Prof. N. B. Bhawarkar Literature Review for Automated Water Supply with Monitoring the Performance System International Journal of Current Engineering and Technology Volume 4 , Issue 5 2014 2277-4106
3. Guest Lectures /Seminar organized by the department for Faculty/Students/Staff
Sr.No. Date Topic Name of Resource Person Designation & Name of Company/Organization No. of participants
Students Faculty/ Staff
01 23/8/2013 Motivational Speech Dr.C.M.Jadhao Principal, MGI-COET,Shegaon 170 10
02 17/10/2013 Smart Grid and its applications Dr. Mukesh Singh HOD,Dept.of EXTC,Sant Gadge baba College of Engineering,Bhusawal 150 7
4. Internship/In-plant Training for the students
Sr.No. Name of Student Class Name of Company/Organization Address of Company/Organization Duration
01 1. Prerna Mankar 2. Pratiksha Bhelonde 3. Pragati Fokmare 4. Ashwini Vyas 2nd Yr. (2U) 3rdYr. (3U) PIIT, Pune PIIT, Pune 21 days (May-14)
02 1. Priya Gawai 2. Pratiksha Bhelonde 3. Ashwini Vyas 4. Pragati Fokmare 3rd Yr. (3U) Techflosys Technology Pvt. Ltd, Pune Techflosys Technology Pvt. Ltd, Pune 30 days (June-July 14)
03 1. Ketki Awdhut 2. Kshitija Rangdale 3rd Yr. (3U) BSNL Training, Khamgaon BSNL Office , Khamgaon 2 weeks (June 14)