Academic Activities Year 2014-15

1. Faculty Participation in National/International Conference/Workshops/STTP/FDP (External Events)
Sr. No. Name of Faculty Title of Conference/Workshop/STTP/FDP Organized by Date of event
01 Prof. M. M. Patil Curriculum Review of EXTC branch JDIT, Yevatmal June 27th 2014
02 Prof. S. S. Mhaske Curriculum Review of EXTC branch JDIT, Yevatmal June 27th 2014
03 Prof. N. W. Labade Workshop On Curriculum Review JDIET,YAVATMAL 27 JUNE ,2014
04 Prof. R. R. Ambalkar ICRTRES VB Kolte, COE, Malkapur 2015
05 Prof. R. R. Ambalkar ICFTCAKM Amity University, Greater , Noida 2015
06 Prof. N. B. Bhawarkar PCCCTSG IEEE Conference G. Pulla Reddy Engineering College, Kurnool, AP 2015
07 Prof. N. W. Labade Workshop On Control System SSGMCE ,SHEGAON 2-14 DEC 2014
08 Prof. S. S. Mhaske "Control System" by IIT Kharagpur SSGMCE,Shegaon 2 -12 Dec 2014
2. Faculty Publications in National/International Journals
Sr.N Name of author(s) Title of paper Name of Journal Vol. /Issue No. Year of publication ISSN/ ISBN No.
01 Dr. C. M Jadhao Review on FPGA Implementation of OFDM International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technologies,(IJCSIT) , 2014. Volume-5 Issue-5 2014 0975-9646
02 Pro. R. R. Ambalkar “Performance analysis of Spatial Multiplexing MIMO Systems with Antenna Selection" International Organization of Research & Development(IORD) Vol-II. April,2015 2348-0831
03 Nilesh M. Verulkar, Bharat K. Chaudhari & Rahul R. Ambalkar Fundamental Monitoring of IRIS recognition based cryptosystem & fusion techniques International Journal of Computer Science & Applications (IJCSA) Volume 8 Issue 2 April June 2015 EISSN: 0974‐1011
04 Prof. N. B. Bhawarkar Multiplex Data Transmission System over a Twisted Pair of Cable International Journal Of Engineering And Computer Science Volume 3 ,Issue 12 2014 2319-7242
05 Prof. N. B. Bhawarkar Crop Diseases Detection with Preventive Measures Using Image Processing International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications (IJERA) 2015 2248-9622
06 Prof. N .B. Bhawarkar A novel background extraction algorithm for large motion video IEEE Issue 3 978-1-4673-6890-2
3. Guest Lectures /Seminar organized by the department for Faculty/Students/Staff
Sr.No. Date Topic Name of Resource Person Designation & Name of Company/Organization No. of participants
Students Faculty/ Staff
01 15/09/2014 Role of Electronics Engineer Dr. Umesh S.Bhadade HOD,Dept.of EXTC,SSBT, Jalgaon 160 8
02 08/10/2014 How to Prepare For GATE Mr. Vishesh Agrawal Director, Gate Forum,Khamgaon 160 4
4.Industrial / Field Visit for Faculty/Students
Sr.No. Name of Company Address of Company Session Date From Date To No. of Students No. of faculty
01 Tata Communication TATA Communication, Pune 2014-2015 27th Feb 2014 2nd March 2014 31 4
02 Reanu Micro Electronics Reanu Micro Electronics, Pune 2014-2015 27th Feb 2014 2nd March 2014 31 4
5.Internship/In-plant Training for the students
Sr.No. Name of Student Class Name of Company/Organization Address of Company/Organization Duration
01 Sneha Belsare 3rdYr.(3U) BSNL Training, Khamgaon BSNL Office , Khamgaon 2 weeks (June 15)
02 Pushpak Bhattad 3rd Yr. (3U) Badwal Tapdiya Technologiyes, Pvt. Ltd, Thane Badwal Tapdiya Technologiyes, Pvt. Ltd, Thane 21 days