Life on Campus

With a lot of concern and respect to the IT Revolution and being a technical institution, MGIs has taken measurable steps to equip its students with all the advantages this revolution has to offer, today and the coming years. With its help we have an e-campus with computers connected with fiber-optic backbone networks and server-client technology. This centre is perhaps the first of its kind established at an Educational Institution. The e-campus comprises of a state-of-art Internet Centre, and has been connected with a 2MBPS leased line through ERNET which facilitates high-speed Internet Access and uninterrupted connectivity throughout the campus. Pentium IV computers are operated as workstations and a state-of-the-art-server from top line brands has been installed. Besides, the working of this centre is looked after by qualified staff and has been also provided with a server room with printing /scanning facilities.


Enough hostel accommodation is available on campus for both boys and girls. The campus hostel is located within the premises of the institute in salubrious and lush green surroundings. The hostel buildings are provided with 24 hrs security guards. Boys’ hostel will be having accommodation for 200 students whereas the Girl’s hostel shall have accommodation for 125 students. There are various facilities for students like – canteen, public phone, cold drinking water, hot water for bath, etc. For entertainment the T.V. sets are available in recreation halls. However, viewing time is pre-defined. A Doctor shall visit the hostel, twice a week to conduct medical check-up. Hostel accommodation is allotted to students strictly on merit basis during all the years of graduation. However if you prefer to take up private accommodation, our hostel office will provide you with the necessary information of accommodation available in the nearby vicinity. Students interested in admission to the hostel will have to apply immediately after confirming their admissions.

Sports and Recreation

We take every effort to encourage our students to participate in various social, cultural and sports activities. The college has its own cricket, football and volleyball grounds. It shall also have a modern style well equipped gymnasium. Table Tennis, and Carom facilities. Students shall be encouraged to participate at Inter-Collegiate, University, State and National levels.