IGNITE - A National Level Techno-Cultural Event

IGNITE is a National Level Techno cultural event which is organized every year in the institute for Engineering and polytechnic students. The main purpose of IGNITE is to provide an opportunity to students from all around the country to showcase their Techno-Cultural talents, their passion towards science and technology. All the events are of National standards which attracts enormous participation of students. More than 3000 students participate in the event every year. IGNITE is organized and managed by Students from all the disciplines. Student’s participation in managing and decision making process of IGNITE helps them to improve managerial as well as technical skills. IGNITE built coordination among them and develops team spirit. Usually, the following types of events are conducted in IGNITE:
  1. Technical Events:As a Techno-Cultural event,IGNITE offers great number of opportunities to every participant in their own technical field whether it’s Mechanical, Civil, Electronics, Computer or Electrical. The Events are-     
Project Competition C-Genius
Mock Placement Box Cricket
Mecha-Graphics Pro Kabaddi
Circuit Mania Chop Structure
Lathe War LAN Gaming
Junk Yard Wars Circuit Mania
Poster Presentation Robo-War
Tech-KNOW Robo Race
Paper Presentation Scripters Call
Talent Hunt Collage
2. Cultural Events:In addition to above technical activities, IGNITE offers a variety of opportunities in the cultural fest: Solo& Group Dance Competition.

Eminent personalities visited IGNITE:

Every year, key-note speeches of eminent personalities from renowned industries and institutes are organized during the IGNITE





17 -18 January, 2014

Dr. J. A. Tidake,

Acting V-C, SGBAU, Amravati


16- 17 January, 2015

Dr. Natrajan Bhaskar,

Chief Sr. Scientist, NASA, USA

Dr. Priya Jadhao

Professor, Electrical Engg., IIT Bombay

Mr. Prafulla Wadaskar

Sr. Software engineer, Marvel India Pvt. Ltd. Pune


22- 23 January, 2016

Mr. Rushi Bagla,

Chairman and MD, Aurangabad Electricals Ltd., Aurangabad

Mr. Somen Mujumdar

Sr. Manager, Bagla Industries, Aurangabad


20- 21 January, 2017

Dr. Milind Atrey

Professor, Mechanical Engg. and

Professor In charge of SINE, IIT Bombay

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